What we do :: Insider Threat Training Program

Part I – Overview of Offering

In response to Executive Order 13587 and the pending change to the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual Conforming Change Two, The Boeing Company has leveraged its expertise to create a full service insider threat program, to include the Boeing Clarity Threat Detection Solution and associated professional services. This offering will help organizations assess the risks from emerging threats. These services provided by our team of analysts, consultants, engineers and data scientists, will complement your insider threat program and help protect your critical assets.

Part II – Clarity

The Boeing Clarity Threat Detection Solution (Boeing Clarity), a web-based insider threat detection system, offers the ability to protect an organization’s most sensitive data and critical assets. Boeing Clarity is an extensible analytic platform designed to help organizations assess the risks from emerging threats and support their insider threat mitigation strategies by applying customized complex algorithms and proven analytic approaches. This solution is fully customizable, adapting to the practices specific to each organization.

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Part III – Services

The Boeing Company, an industry leader in the insider threat community, and the first Fortune 500 Company to have its program certified by Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute CERT Insider Threat Center, provides innovative and trusted services to help your organization. Our team of security professionals, insider threat program managers and analysts, engineers, software developers, data integrators and scientists offer services to identify your organization’s critical assets, draft and enforce enterprise-wide policies and analyze, manage and conduct analytics against your data to mitigate and identify insider threats.

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Part IV – Training

The Boeing Company offers an insider threat analyst training course to address the unique knowledge and skills needed to understand and meet the analytic requirements for a successful insider threat program. Our four-day course provides students with the building blocks necessary to identify insider threats within your organization.

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